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Energy Advisory Services

All-encompassing advice

Crystol Energy advises governments, international and national investors, service companies and all relevant stakeholders in the energy sector. We understand this is a long-term business that encompasses diverse players, and the right balance of expertise and experience is required to successfully align their needs.

We regularly advise governments on how best to work with private investors of every size, and equally we help companies to work well with host governments.

With governments, we assist in the design of energy policies that will help to develop and maximise domestic energy resources. We also help them to manage the resulting wealth to gain long lasting economic benefits. To investors, we offer detailed assessment of the local investment climate and expertise for developing the right strategy. Using our depth of regional knowledge, we help to support communications with local authorities at every level.
Here are a few examples of the projects we have been involved in:

  • Advising on and developing petroleum revenue forecast, management policy and model, anyone buy accutane online including the establishment of a petroleum fund
  • Assessing country specific investment prospects in both hydrocarbon and renewable energy sectors, in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia
  • Formulating energy policy and its impact on investment
  • Geopolitical developments in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Reviewing and advising on draft petroleum legislation and contracts
  • Designing petroleum fiscal regimes and contractual frameworks for conventional and unconventional resources, and developing related fiscal and revenue forecasting models
  • Reviewing the fiscal and revenue forecasting model for an international organisation and suggested ways of improving its accuracy and making it more user friendly
  • Gas monetisation strategy
  • Providing advice on a country’s plan to build a refinery
  • Upstream oil and gas regulations (conventional and unconventional resources)
  • Providing advice on the establishment of a National Oil Company (NOC) and the separation of functions between the NOC, the regulator and the ministry
  • Resolving disputes amicably and practicably between a host government and oil/gas project partners