Monthly Archives: June 2016

Saudi Arabia’s economic reform

Saudi Arabia is once again keeping analysts busy worldwide. This time attention has been drawn by an audacious economic reform […] Read More

Why Brexit Cannot Work!

Lord Howell comments on the House of Lords EU Committee’s reports on the EU referendum and EU reform, during a […] Read More

Peter van Leeuwen joins Crystol Energy’s Advisory Board

Crystol Energy is pleased to announce that Peter van Leeuwen has joined Crystol’s Advisory Board. A former Dutch diplomat, Peter brings […] Read More

Brexit and Energy

In the all-consuming Brexit debate energy has been the neglected child. The subject hardly appeared in the British Prime Minister’s […] Read More

Access for Women in Energy Newsletter and Invitation – May 2016

The May 2016 edition of Access for Women in Energy Newsletter features a variety of recent stories on women’s presence and contribution […] Read More

The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Fuel-Efficiency Gains

Christof Rühl, Head of Global Research, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, comments on the impact of crude oil prices on fuel economy improvements. […] Read More