Access for Women in Energy Newsletter – Sep 2015

Access for Women in Energy Newsletter

The September 2015 edition of Access for Women in Energy Newsletter features a variety of recent stories on women’s presence and contribution in the energy sector. Women from across the nuclear industry met at the 23rd Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global Annual Conference in Austria to address the industry’s gender balance and improve the representation of women in leadership. In Africa, women call upon the international community to take urgent action on climate change and develop environmentally buy liquid accutane sustainable solutions. Lynn Good, CEO and President of the US based Duke Energy, landed for a second year on Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women” list. However, a recent survey in the UK showed that female managers earn 22% less than their male counterparts and “work for free” for nearly two hours a day, indicating that a lot more still needs to be done to overcome the long standing obstacles in this male dominated sector.

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