Access for Women in Energy Newsletter and Invitation – Feb 2016

A number of events took place in February all over the world in an attempt to encourage the role of women not only in the oil and gas industry, but also within the renewable sector. Just as renewable energy is beginning to take a much bigger share of the world energy market, the number of young women pursuing science and math degrees in the United States is reportedly falling. In the late 1990s, more than a third of people working in energy jobs in the United States were women; today it’s less than 18 percent. In their annual letter outlining their latest thoughts about philanthropy, Bill and Melinda Gates also focused on their quests to find a sustainable source of clean energy and to rethink the household division of labor so that women in developing countries have access to greater opportunity.


Lord Howell, Chairman, Advisory Board, Crystol Energy, has published a new book on the difficulties arising from pressures to phase out fossil fuels. He said: “The energy world is dangerously divided between the fossil fuel producers and the environmentalists. It’s becoming a head-on fight between the world of still plentiful oil, gas and coal we currently live in and the low-carbon future for which more and more governments and peoples are aiming.”

As we stand on the verge of an E-vehicle revolution on our streets, Windsor Energy Group, a sister organisation to Women in Energy, is holding an expert discussion, on March 16, of what is driving this forward and what are the challenges. The meeting will be chaired by Lord Flight. Among those taking part will be Mr Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E.

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