2016 Executive Course on Oil, Gas and Mining Governance

12-16 September 2016, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

This is an executive-level, challenge-focused course for senior professionals and policymakers. Over five days, participants will examine extractive resource management and develop strategies to transform resources into sustained prosperity.

The course

Countries with non-renewable resource wealth face both an opportunity and a challenge. When used well, these resources can create greater prosperity for current and future generations. Squandered, they can cause economic instability, social conflict, and lasting environmental damage. For countries to benefit from resource wealth, citizens and their governments must make a broad range of decisions. Each requires governments to consider complex options and trade-offs, and devise strategies to implement these policy choices. And they must take into account the interests of, and risks borne by, extractive companies, in order to strike a mutually beneficial deal. This intensive five-day course provides the training and insight required for policy leaders in the public and private sector to work towards better management and governance of oil, gas or mineral resources for a better future. The course builds a better understanding of the interests of the public and private sectors and facilitates dialogue and mutual appreciation of respective positions between these different groups.

Globally recognised experts and academics have developed this course to encourage public and private sector leaders from multiple countries to share their own experiences, while gaining insights and specialist knowledge about natural resource management.

Executive course on oil, gas and mining governance

Who should apply?

This course is open to policy leaders in the public and private sector committed to better governance in natural resources, and in a position to influence the governance of these sectors. Further information on eligibility can be found in the course brochure. This year, we are open to a new group of stakeholders: chief executives, directors and senior fellows at think tanks and nonpartisan bodies.

Scholarships are available

Scholarships are available for eligible candidates from the following countries: Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda.

To Apply

Applications for the 2016 Executive Course on Oil, Gas and Mining Governance can be downloaded on the website. Interested individuals should submit the following documents to executive.education@bsg.ox.ac.uk : 1) A current résumé/CV; 2) A brief personal statement addressing the governance challenges associated with the extractive industries in the applicant’s country of origin/residence, and the applicant’s expectations about how the course will benefit them in addressing those challenges; 3) A supporting statement for a bursary application (optional)

Applications are due by 3rd June 2016. If spaces are available, applications may be accepted past the due date on a rolling basis.

For further details please visit here.