Empires in Collision: The Green versus Black Struggle for our Energy Future

Empires in Collision

The Green versus Black Struggle for our Energy Future
By David Howell
Published 8th March 2016

DH-EmpiresInCollisionThe energy world is divided between the fossil fuel producers and the environmentalists. It’s becoming a head-on fight between the world of still plentiful oil, gas and coal we currently live in and the low-carbon future for which more and more governments and peoples are aiming. It is a contest that affects everything – world poverty, the rise and fall of governments, Middle East stability, environmental catastrophe, the largest businesses in the world – and your ability to work, to get the children to school and to heat your home.

Neither side can win outright. The answer is co-operation, not conflict. In Empires in Collision, David Howell – Lord Howell of Guildford – outlines how we got to the unsettled present and the challenges, both global and local, that lie immediately ahead.

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