Pathways of reforms in oil and gas exporting countries

Conseil Francais de l’Energie, June 7-8, Paris
The 7th European Energy Forum took place at the outset of the new competitive landscape of the global industry, characterised by the lower oil price environment. The Forum’s overarching theme focused on “Oil and Gas in the Global Energy Transition” and addressed the long-term impact of climate policies on national and international oil and gas companies’ strategies, as well as the policies of producing countries. In particular:

  • Does this context complicate or, conversely, reinforce the need to adapt the strategies of companies and the policies of producing states?
  • If these developments are desirable, can they be encouraged at the international level and in cooperation with consuming countries, via international commitments in the low-carbon transition?
  • How can or should governments, companies and banks support this movement with appropriate energy and climate policies and strategies?

Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, spoke on the pathways of reforms in oil and gas exporting countries. Other speakers in the panel discussion included Øystein Noreng, Professor Emeritus, BI Norwegian Business School; and Barry Worthington, Executive Director, United States Energy Association (USEA). The event was co-organised by the Conseil Français de l’Énergie and the World Energy Council, and took place on 6-7 June in Paris, France.

Download the Forum’s Proceedings

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