The 2015 Natural Resource Governance Institute Conference: 25 and 26 June at the University of Oxford

Natural Resource Governance InstituteThis year, the NRGI conference will focus on the implications of falling commodity prices, bringing together policy makers, practitioners, academics and other leading experts (including many from developing countries) to discuss the salient policy and governance challenges and the latest analysis on these issues. The conference will provide a forum for highly interactive debate, showcasing new thinking, policy experience and emerging practice.

Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OxCarre)This year’s conference, co-hosted by the Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OxCarre), will cover the implications of the end of the commodities super-cycle from multiple perspectives. These will include:

  • Impacts on different policy areas (pressure on fiscal regimes, macroeconomic and subnational policy responses and implications for investment)
  • Opportunities for improving resource governance (supporting policy and institutional reforms, improving accountability, using data and the role of industry)
  • The differentiated effects on regions across the globe


Tentative conference program

Thursday, 25 June
Welcome and Opening Plenary
The Impact of the Drop in Oil Price on Ghana and Nigeria
  featuring (TBC):
  • Dr. Kwabena Duffour, former Minister of Finance, Ghana; former Governor, Bank of Ghana
  • Dr. Akoto Osei, Member of Parliament, Ghana; ranking member, finance committee; former Minister of Finance
  • Prof. Charles Soludo, former Natural Resource Charter Technical Advisory Group member; former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Odein Ajumogobia, former Minister of State Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
Investing for Development in a Post-Boom World
  featuring (TBC):
  • Prof. Tony Venables, Director, Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies
  • Dr. Mark Henstridge, Chief Economist, Oxford Policy Management
When Governance Goes Wrong: Are Leakage and Corruption Easier to Fix When Prices Are Low?
  featuring (TBC):
  • Tom Burgis, Financial Times journalist; author, The Looting Machine
  • Dr. Peter Eigen, Founder, Transparency International
  • Dr. Alexandra Gillies, Director of Governance Programs, NRGI
  • Dr. Ahmed Jehani, Chairman and Founder, Libyan Development Policy
Innovative Subnational Responses to Low Commodity Prices
  featuring (TBC):
  • Dr. Cielo Magno, Coordinator, Bantay Kita (Philippines)
  • Ajisatria Suleiman, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Consilium Law and Public Policy (Indonesia)
The Legacy of the Supercycle and the Emerging Agenda in Latin America
  featuring (TBC):
  • Eduardo Ballon, Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana (Peru)
  • Fabio Velasquez, Foro Nacional por Colombia (Colombia)
  • Francisco Cravioto, FUNDAR (Mexico)
Open Data and the Impact of Resource Wealth
  featuring (TBC):
  • Dr. Justin Sandefur, Center for Global Development
  • Dr. Fernando Aragon, Simon Fraser University
  • Tim Davies,
  • Prof. Michael Ross, University of California Los Angeles
Friday, 26 June
Africa’s Experiences and Challenges Managing the Petroleum Sector: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective
  featuring (TBC):
  • Egil Magne Gloppen, Director of Commercial Affairs, Statoil
  • Sheila Khama, Director, African Natural Resources Centre, African Development Bank
  • Dr. Gilbert Maoundonodji, Coordinator, Group for Alternative Research and Monitoring of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Project
  • Dr. Keith Myers, managing partner, Richmond Energy Partners Ltd. (UK)
Race to the Bottom? How the Price Drop is Impacting Fiscal and Contract Terms
  featuring (TBC):
  • Philip Daniel, Advisor, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund
  • Prof. Florens Luoga, Associate Professor of Law, University of Dar es Salaam; Principal Partner, FK Law Chambers (Tanzania)
  • Dr. Carole Nakhle, Director, Crystol Energy (UK)
  • Dr. Darmawan Prasojo, Economic Adviser, President’s Office, Indonesia
  • Salli A. Swartz, Partner, Artus Wise
The Impact of Low Prices in the Middle East and North Africa
How Do Investors Respond to Weaknesses in Governance in the Downturn?
  featuring (TBC):
  • Dr. Jim Cust, Director of Data and Analysis, NRGI
  • Lisa Sachs, Director, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment
  • Daniel Litvin, Founder and Managing Director, Critical Resource
  • Bennett Freeman
Reporting Lower Revenues: Updates from the Front Lines of Transparency
  featuring (TBC):
  • Jonathan Atkinson, Extractives Adviser, Department for International Development, UK
  • Lesley Coldham, Group Public Affairs Manager, Tullow Oil
  • Michael Jarvis, Global Lead, Extractives Governance, World Bank
How are Revenue Management Frameworks Performing Under Current Price Conditions?
  featuring (TBC):
  • Dr. Albert Zeufack, Sector Manager, World Bank
  • Andrew Bauer, Senior Economic Analyst, NRGI
Closing: Resource Governance in a Low-Price World
  featuring (TBC):
  • Prof. Sir Paul Collier, Oxford University
  • Simon Thompson, Chairman, Tullow Oil

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