US Sanctions on Iran, Saudi Arabia’s Decision to Raise Production and Aligning Interests between US and Russia

In an interview given on Al Arabiya’s flagship programme ‘The Future of Energy’, presented by Mr Naser Al Tibi, Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, addresses the following questions:

– In Helsinki, President Putin referred to aligning interests between US and Russia regarding the oil market. Could a closer alignment on oil policy between the US and Russia be a reality?

– The Saudi decision to raise production appeases Russia and US, but risks OPEC unity. With the global oversupply gone and a tighter market ahead, Saudi Arabia may believe OPEC has outlived its usefulness. Is this a fair conclusion to make?

– When discussing US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, one needs to take a few factors into consideration:

  • Softening of US rhetoric on ‘zero exports”, there is no escaping exemptions really?
  • Does the EU have the will and the ability to defy President Trump and continue dealing with Iran?
  • How can the China-US Trade dispute impact US sanctions on Iran? Will the sanctions this time have a bigger, smaller or similar effect on Iran’s exports?

Watch the full interview (in Arabic)

Dr Carole Nakhle and Mr Naser Al Tibi discussing the possibility of an oil policy alignment between the US and Russia, Saudi Arabia’s decision to raise oil production, as well as the US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports

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