Natural Gas in Oman: Change and Stability

Ieda Gomes

Ieda Gomes, Advisory Board Crystol Energy and Co-Chair of Access for Women in Energy, contributes to the new book launched by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies on the Future of Gas in the Gulf: Continuity and Change.

The book provides an update of the development of natural gas in the Gulf countries and comprises in-depth studies of a smaller set of countries: Qatar, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and Bahrain.  Over the past decade, Gulf gas production and demand have expanded rapidly, and the next decade is likely to see further major expansions. The Gulf will play a substantial role in the expansion of global gas supply and demand at least until 2030, and probably beyond, and will therefore remain an extremely important region for gas and energy researchers over the next decade.

Ieda’s chapter focuses on the latest developments and outlook of the gas market in Oman.

For further details, visit the link.

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