Energy Research Services

Cutting-edge research

Energy enters into every form of economic activity. Its political, economic, social and environmental significance combined with rapid change within the sector mean that keeping up to date is vital.

Crystol Energy offers original research, data gathering and in-depth analysis that combine high academic standards with thorough practical knowledge. We provide custom-built research in all areas of the energy complex, from oil and gas to renewables and unconventional resources.

In addition to experience from across the industry, our experts have a long track record of publishing research, supported by their involvement with academic institutions worldwide. They also contribute to global news media, conveying our high quality work with accessible clarity. Additionally, we publish independent reports and studies on key issues in energy and regular blogs on the latest developments worldwide. Several of our Advisory Board members also head world-class research facilities.

Crystol Energy conducts research on demand for clients, who are kept informed at each stage of data gathering and analysis to ensure a pertinent, unique result. Completed work can of course be supported with presentations, workshops and tailored training.

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