UK Parliament Committee discusses strategic relations

Dr Valentina Dedi

On 1 February 2017, Dr Carole Nakhle, Director of Crystol Energy, gave evidence to the International Relations Committee at the UK Parliament on the strategic implications of energy resource management in the Middle buy accutane cream East, and the UK’s interest in preserving the Iranian nuclear deal.

She also discussed:

  • The implications of today’s oil prices on the economies of Middle Eastern countries
  • President Trump Administration’s policy towards the Middle East versus that of former-President Obama in the light of shrinking US dependence on Middle East oil
  • The role of China in Middle East politics as the country increases its reliance on oil imports from the region
  • The future of oil and gas production in Iran and Iraq
  • The importance of the Middle East to the UK – more as a trade partner rather than an oil supplier
  • The increasing Russian influence in the Middle East and the real drivers behind Russia-OPEC deal

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To read the transcript, click here.

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