Media and Conferences

March 2018 | Oil & Gas Middle East – “Women in energy: the other half

March 2018 | NRGI – “Longevity of Extractives Industry Depends on Gender Inclusivity

November 2017 | 2017 ADIPEC Women in Energy Conference – How can we create a sustainable energy outlook?

October 2016 | ADIPEC – “Interview with Dr Carole Nakhle

October 2016 | Arab Banker – “Global energy mix, climate change and the future of OPEC – An interview with Dr Carole Nakhle

December 2016 | NRGI – “Oil Prices, the Prospects for the Middle East and Women in Energy

October 2015 | Oil, Gas and Energy Law – “Black Gold- Still a Man’s World? – Read the article that set the foundation for AccessWIE


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