Access WIE in fashion

As the CEO of Crystol Energy and President of AccessWIE, Dr Carole Nakhle collaborated with Marie Claire Arabia magazine on a special dossier for their January 2021 edition. The dossier is dedicated to women in the energy industry.

An interview was carried out with Dr Nakhle, who also prepared an article “The New Energy Landscape” and carried out herself several interviews with leading Arab women in the energy industry. These include: industry veteran Sara Akbar CEO of OilServ Kuwait, Fatema Al Nuaimi CEO of ADNOC LNG, Intisaar Al Kindy, former GM Upstream and Deputy Country Chair at Oman Shell and Dana Abdulbaqi Petroleum Engineer Saudi Aramco.

These ladies shared their professional journey in the industry, what attracted them to the sector, what challenges they have faced, how they have managed to achieve a work-life balance, what is their outlook for the industry especially in the light of aggressive climate change policies, what advice would they give to young female who are interested in working in the industry but fear they cannot have a successful career, and more.

Feature article by Dr Carole Nakhle and her interview in Marie Claire

Here’s a little taster from the interviews:

“Far from oil and gas being yesterday’s sector, the path is opening for the industry to be the true gateway to a new energy landscape where old and new energy co-exist and where women play a chief role”

– Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO Crystol Energy, Director AccessWIE

“I never saw myself working outside the oil and gas sector”

– Sara Akbar, CEO OilServ Kuwait

“I advise every female engineer I meet to start their professional journey working on site. People in hard hats and coveralls are at the core of our business and the skills and experience you learn there will stay with you for life”

– Fatema Al Nuaimi, CEO ADNOC LNG

“I was apprehensive at first like most who embark upon their first senior position, but I knew that if I survived this challenge while raising my children, I could accomplish anything. And indeed I did”

– Instisaar Al Kindy, former GM Upstream and Deputy Country Chair at Oman Shell

“Gender differences surface in all aspects of life including the workplace… These differences and stereotypes can influence an employee’s capability to perform in the workplace”

– Dan Adbulbaqi, Petroleum Engineer Saudi Aramco