Access for Women in Energy (AccessWIE) engages its members in a range of activities, aiming to promote the development of women in the energy sector, globally. All our events are by invitation only.

AccessWIE launch at Eversheds, in 2007.

Our premiere event took place on July 23rd, 2007 at Eversheds LLP and focused on the sustainability of nuclear energy. Participants included Lady Barbara Judge, UK Atomic Energy Authority; Dr Carole Nakhle, President of AccessWIE; Ann Cormak, BIEE; Joan MacNaughton, DTI; Michelle Thomas, Eversheds; Lord Howell, House of Lords; Gilian Butchart, KPMG; Siham Razzouqi, OPEC; and Latifa Anbari-Debar, Shell.

What we do...

Special Issue: Facing the Covid-19 challenge

Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to economies, industries and individuals around the world. AccessWIE pursued a special initiative to showcase the experience of its members across the energy industry worldwide in dealing with the crisis. Despite the common challenge, the stories highlight different perspectives, circumstances and outlook.

We hope you enjoy this colourful tour du monde of experiences >


AccessWIE worked on a paper analysing the findings of a survey carried out on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on career choices in the oil and gas industry. The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the oil sector that faced a crisis like no other in its modern history, with unavoidable consequences on employment.


AccessWIE runs exclusive roundtable discussions to address strategic issues involving energy globally. Our roundtable events are typically held in a dinner format.

Some of our roundtable discussions include:


AccessWIE organises regular informed debates on global energy related issues. These are usually held on a quarterly basis.

Some of our seminars include:

Energy trade missions

In 2017, AccessWIE embarked on its first annual Energy Mission. Targeting a major energy producing and consuming country, the mission featured a carefully selected and balanced variety of meetings with leading government institutions and private organisations.

AccessWIE members participating in the mission acquired a comprehensive overview of business opportunities in the energy sector in the country visited and establish a valuable business network at the highest level.

Read about our Energy Mission to the UAE


AccessWIE provides training support to its members who want to venture into new areas of the energy industry or simply expand their knowledge.

We work with respectable academic institutions, such as the Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC) to hold such events.

We also collaborate with the Greek Energy Forum’s Future Leaders Academy to deliver training held under the auspices of the European Commission. Read more here.

Career talk and advice

Examples of the career talks given:

Conference support

AccessWIE supports leading conference organisers to increase the participation of women at their events globally, by tapping into our extensive network of female energy experts.

Online community

Through our social media, AccessWIE enables members to exchange news and views, identify new business opportunities and entrepreneurship, fill job vacancies and promote their own expertise.

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