Women in Clean Energy: Interview with Dr Carole Nakhle

Women in Clean Energy (WICE) – Clean Energy Business Council hosts Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and President of Access for Women in Energy, for a candid conversation on her journey in the energy industry which spans more than two decades.

“As a little girl growing up in the civil war torn streets of Beirut, somehow I was mesmerised by Margaret Thatcher.” – Dr Carole Nakhle

Throughout this episode, Dr Nakhle opens up personally and professionally as she tells us about the challenges that she had to face during her early stages of career, how certain “role models” influenced her, her experiences with gender-related stereotypes and discrimination and her journey as a women in the energy sector. She also shares her definition of success and her ultimate purpose.

It is absolutely an eye-opening and suspenseful episode tackling a rainbow of topics that aren’t talked about much. Isn’t that tantalizing enough for you to tune in?” – CEBC

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