Company Overview


Founded in 2012 by Dr Carole Nakhle, Crystol Energy’s tailored advice, client-focused training and bespoke research cover the whole spectrum of world energy markets, policy and geopolitics.

Our strong reputation for meticulous work, original technique and robust analysis has spread globally. We have been quoted in international media and publications, including Al Arabiyya, Al Jazeera, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Financial Times, France 24, S&P Platts and The Wall Street Journal.

We have been approached directly and continue to be consulted by energy industry leaders and policymakers from different countries. 

We have won projects, bidding against the largest energy consultancy firms in the world.

We are uniquely positioned through our work with governments, private sector, financial institutions, international associations, and non-governmental organisations, providing an independent platform that bridges the interests of these various stakeholders, no matter how different they may seem.

Our Advisory Board consists of highly experienced professionals who have shaped policy and the management of strategic energy producers worldwide.

Our experts combine hands on international know-how with a deep understanding of local conditions.

They bring many years of experience in energy, economics and geopolitics. Coming from different disciplines and nationalities, they share an extensive knowledge base and an in depth understanding of different cultures, domestic market needs and global trends.


Today’s rapidly changing energy world amplifies existing problems and presents new challenges to government and industry alike, raising crucial questions that need to be thoroughly addressed. These are some of the issues we have worked on:

These are just some of the questions we answer, working closely with clients to provide holistic solutions that meet specific needs.



Crystol Energy received the Mediterranean Medal of ASCAME for its valuable contribution in the development of the Mediterranean economic development.

Crystol Energy is proud to announce that it was named ‘Best Global Energy Research & Training Advisory 2022’ by SME News as part of their Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Underlining our global recognition, Dr Carole Nakhle has been included in the ‘Top 20 Outstanding Women CEOs of 2022’ by New York based magazine ‘The Women Leaders’, recognizing “the most inspiring and versatile leaders” who “are on the path of becoming some of the most prominent personalities”.


2021 brought more awards for Crystol Energy. Dr Carole Nakhle was selected ‘CEO of the Year 2021’ in the United Kingdom, as CEO Monthly Magazine recognises the best in the industry.

We also won ‘Best Independent Energy Consultancy in the UK’ at the Energy and Power Awards 2021 from SME News. Crystol Energy will continue to work to the highest standards of excellence, reliability and originality in meeting clients’ needs.

In addition, Dr Carole Nakhle was given an honorary position as the G100 Global Chair for Energy and Power. G100 is an eminent and empowered club of top 100 women leaders in the world with a vision for the future.


Dr Carole Nakhle featured as one of only a handful of advisors listed on the Energy Council Top Female Executives. The list highlights those who have sculpted their journey at the highest levels of the industry.

Dr Carole Nakhle was also awarded the prestigious Energy Institute Fellowship, in recognition for her talent and contribution to the energy industry. The award is the highest level of the Energy Institute membership.


Our work was recognised at the Global Energy Awards, where we were won ‘Best Independent Energy Consultancy in the UK’ for 2018. The award states that Crystol Energy goes ‘above and beyond’ its clients’ needs in the energy advisory sector.


The 2017 Professional Recognition Award went to our very own Dr Carole Nakhle. HE the Tunisian Minister of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energy presented Dr Nakhle the award at the Tunisia Oil & Gas Summit.