What we do


At Crystol Energy we advise, train and prepare our clients to solve complex energy issues, optimise investment propositions and develop sound energy policy and strategy.

Our business model is built around three complementary services: Advice, Research and Training. We believe that the best advice needs to be supported by appropriate capacity building for successful long-term implementation. Our advice is underpinned by meticulous research, with an emphasis on local conditions. Every solution is based on our fundamental guiding principles but tailored to specific client needs and objectives, because ‘off the peg’ answers are not part of our ethos.

Our core strength is our team, with world class analytical capabilities, complementary competences and unparalleled judgement, based on extensive knowledge and hands-on global experience.

With extensive and unique experience across the public and private sectors as well as academia, we provide a highly effective and proven mix of services to a broad international clientele. Past and current clients include governments, state owned entreprise and public institutions, investment funds, technology providers, international organisations, and energy companies from around the world. We also collaborate closely with NGOs and think tanks.


Tailored advice on energy policy and investments

Specialised and bespoke training

Original research and in-depth analysis