Tailored Advice


Since our foundation, we have uniquely positioned ourselves, having advised a broad range of stakeholders in the energy sector, from host governments, state-owned entreprises and sovereign wealth funds to private investors, financial institutions and industry group representatives, around the world.

We understand this is a long-term business that encompasses diverse players, and the right balance of expertise, experience and insights is required to successfully align the needs of various players.

Each of our projects is meticulously tailored to the client’s needs and is developed as an exclusive piece of work.

Here are some examples of projects we delivered:



We regularly advise governments on how best to work with private investors of every size, and equally we help companies to establish a lasting relationship with the host government.

With governments, we assist in the design of energy policies and legislation that will help to develop and maximise domestic energy resources. We also advise them on how to manage the resulting wealth to gain sustainable economic benefits. To investors, we offer a detailed assessment of the local investment climate, political risk and commercial terms. Using our depth of regional knowledge, we help to support communications with local authorities at every level.

Nations are the owners of natural resources. On their own, many governments struggle to develop these resources so they typically use private and foreign investors.

Once production starts and money is generated, governments need to be cautious with how to invest the proceeds to build a strong and diversified economy

Investors take the risk and provide the capital and technology. They need to make a return on their investment, feel safe and be treated fairly.

If governments put the right legislative, regulatory and fiscal framework in place, then investors can strike the right balance between risk and reward.