Specialised Training


In energy, as in every sector, it is vital to keep learning, deepening knowledge, and developing new skills. Crystol Energy provides focused and effective professional development courses to help clients gain the understanding and expertise that they need in a fast changing, complex energy market.

Drawn from industry, academia and government, our coaches and instructors ensure that our courses balance the highest academic standards with hands-on practicality in creating and delivering industry knowledge. This blend of strengths is simply unique.

We help governments to develop and build administrative capacity, whilst in the private sector we deliver courses that are fine-tuned to those with energy experience and those new to the field. We also collaborate with leading educational institutions where we design and deliver energy-related courses.

Tailored to fit the background, expectations and experience of each client, our courses inspire active engagement, real case study discussions and group work. The aim is always to convey a deep and lasting grasp of the topics and to keep clients up to date with the latest global developments in energy. Eminent guest speakers and enriching study tours specifically relevant to individual courses help to increase the effectiveness of our training.

Accommodating and accessible, our in-person training courses have been held in central London and other major cities around the world, or at the client’s own premises. We have also been organizing online training over the last few years.

All of our courses can be delivered in Arabic, English, French, and Portuguese.

Our tailored courses include:

Fundamentals of energy markets
Fundamentals of energy security
Energy finance
The economics of the energy transition
Energy & environmental economics and policy
Pricing of natural gas and LNG
Mining and petroleum fiscal regimes
Energy cost accounting and auditing
Environmental taxation
Extractive contracts’ drafting and negotiations
Electricity, oil and gas, and environmental regulations
Financial and fiscal modelling

Here are some examples of courses we organised and delivered:


  • Fundamentals of LNG and revenue management

    A one week intensive course delivered in Maputo to the Mozambique Revenue Authority and other institutions, including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, and Central Bank.

  • Fundamentals of oil and gas markets

    In-country two weeks training delivered to the Uganda Revenue Authority on upstream petroleum taxation and contracts as well as the fundamentals of oil and gas industry. Click through to find out more. A similar course was delivered to the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

  • Contractual arrangements

    A three days intensive course delivered in Doha to Qatar Petroleum, covering the principles of upstream petroleum fiscal regimes with a special focus on production sharing contracts and joint operating agreements.

  • Petroleum industry costs accounting and auditing

    An extensive one-week course delivered in Accra to the Ghana Revenue Authority. Click through to find out more.

  • Energy policy reforms

    An extensive one week course aimed at strengthening the technical and fiscal capacity of the UNDP team at the Ministry of Finance in Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Energy transition and security

    Contributed to the training series organised by the NATO Strategic Direction South Hub in Naples. We focused on energy transition and security in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • International oil supply, transportation, refining and trading

    A three days course delivered in London to officials from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation.


  • Fundamentals of LNG pricing and taxation

    Online training delivered to officials from the Mozambique Revenue Authority, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, and Central Bank. The course extended over a year and covered topics such as fundamentals of natural gas markets and LNG, pricing mechanisms, taxation and financial modelling, as well as the impact of energy transition on gas exporters.

  • Petroleum economics

    Delivered a series of sessions to support the development of the administrative capacity on petroleum related matters of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Agency (MRPAM) in Mongolia.

  • Upstream petroleum fiscal regimes

    Course delivered to representatives and board members of Tanzania Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority.

  • Fundamentals of natural gas and petroleum taxation

    Delivered evening lectures to the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB), as part of their night school programme.

  • Carrying out quality research in energy

    A course targeting energy graduates and early career professionals in Lebanon, in collaboration with the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative.