Partnering with LOGI to Support Young Talent in Energy

Crystol Energy, in collaboration with the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), offered several internship opportunities for Lebanese graduates who wanted to pursue a career in the energy industry, whether domestically or globally.


Lebanon has been facing a major economic, social and political crisis, seriously damaging the outlook of the young generation. The catastrophic explosion at Beirut port on 4 August 2020 simply worsened an already dire situation.

The internship led by Crystol Energy aimed to offer some hope and support to young talent, both men and women, who wanted to turn the knowledge they acquired during their studies to practice while being exposed to the international energy scene.

The Internship

During their internship, successful candidates conducted research and analysis on timely and varied energy related topics, allowing them to develop their knowledge of the industry and acquire a deeper understanding of the factors that are shaping the sector globally. Interns worked closely with Crystol Energy’s senior management and had the opportunity to participate in Crystol Energy and LOGI’s webinars, trainings, and roadshows.

For each round of internship which run over two months, we selected highly qualified one man and one woman. Each time, competition was tough – a clear indicator of the large pool of talent in the country.

We also run educational webinars to all applicants on how to carry out quality research in energy.

We hope that such a small token has helped in improving the outlook of some young bright Lebanese minds and increased their chances in landing their dream jobs.

We are also grateful to LOGI for their support especially in hosting the interns at their offices in Beirut.



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Read what our interns have said about their experience:

My internship at Crystol Energy was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I applied to this internship as my interest in Energy grew through my completion of my MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment at UCL.

Crystol Energy has exposed me further more towards the Energy industry. My tasks were mainly based on conducting research about the Oil and Gas industry to produce energy reports; the knowledge I grasped throughout my time at this company has complemented my studies, giving me a more rigorous perspective of the energy industry and sector as a whole.

I highly appreciate the close mentorship and leadership Dr. Carole Nakhle has provided me. Her knowledge and expertise were the highlight of my internship, as she granted me attendance to webinars and training courses she personally delivered. Furthermore, Dr. Nakhle was always responsive and close to her interns as she was constantly in contact with me and my fellow colleague. I will always carry with me her guidance and support in my future professional career.

To conclude, this experience was enriching in all its aspects, tasks and challenges, as I will eternally regard this internship and its gained insights as monumental milestones for the entirety of my professional career.

- Ola Krayem

I am delighted that I have been part of the Crystol Energy-LOGI internship program, it was indeed a valuable experience to introduce myself to various challenges in the energy industry. In this program, I was introduced to Oil and Gas Market Analysis and worked on delivering quality research on key energy issues by gathering data and information from publicly trusted sources. Such tasks strengthened my research and analysis skills specifically in the energy industry, and I trust that the skills obtained are crucial for the first step of my career. A small advice for the new round of interns: prepare yourself for a steep learning curve.

- Jad Khallouf