Energy Security, Affordability and Sustainability: The Grand Alliance

To hold global warming within the range of the Paris Agreement goals, the world needs to reduce emissions by unprecedented volume—and at unparalleled speed. Ensuring a green future while continuing to provide reliable energy supplies is a dual challenge that will require new solutions, including advanced technology.

As part of its ongoing collaboration with American Aspen Technology  (AspenTech) – a global software leader, Crystol Energy is proud to share this executive brief, prepared by our CEO, Dr Carole Nakhle, in collaboration with AspenTech industry expert Ron Beck. The authors explain:

  • The current state of the energy transition and why it is critical to ensure the transition meets justice and equity demands
  • Where the energy industry has made progress on climate change and how technology can drive greater results
  • How the industry can accelerate the deployment of green technologies while also ensuring energy security

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