Crystol Energy awarded ‘Best Independent Energy Consultants’ for 2021

We’re delighted to announce that our work has been recognised again, this time at the Energy and Power Awards, 2021. We have been awarded ‘Best Independent Energy Consultants 2021 for the UK’. The Awards, by SME News, acknowledge a multitude of exciting and vibrant businesses and industries from all over the UK.

“Congratulations to Crystol Energy on its well-merited award. It comes as no surprise to those who recognize Crystol as consultants of rare value who are prepared to spell out reality at a time of unparalleled wishful thinking and half-truths across the whole field of energy, energy security and related climate and environmental issues. Theirs is a uniquely refreshing and much needed message.”

Lord Howell of Guildford

Multi-award winning

This award follows our recognition at the Global Energy awards in 2018 where we won the same accolade – twice in four years! Crystol Energy will continue to work to the highest standards of excellence, reliability and originality in meeting clients’ needs.

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