Crystol Energy named ‘Best Global Energy Research & Training Advisory 2022’

Crystol Energy is proud to announce that it was named ‘Best Global Energy Research & Training Advisory 2022’ by SME News as part of their Greater London Enterprise Awards.

This is another achievement that showcases the dedication of the entire Crystol Energy’s team – from its leadership to its interns – to delivering only the best quality of work at the highest standards of ethics. We are also grateful to our clients for entrusting us with timely and critical projects that shape their strategy and help them in their investment and policy decisions, with implications that go well beyond the boundaries of the country where they are located and the sector they are focusing on.

“Thank you SME News for the award. I am honoured to be part of Crystol Energy’s impressive team. My gratitude also goes to our Advisory Board for their valuable time and advice, to all our clients who continue to approach us with challenging requests which we happily embrace and to our followers on social media and their insightful comments!”

Carole Nakhle, CEO Crystol Energy

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