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Facing the new energy and climate realities

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The World Bank announces it will no longer finance upstream oil and gas

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After Paris climate deal, major changes are still a long way off

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Global Energy Trends: Is There a Revolution in The Making?

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House of Lords Debate on 5th Carbon Budget

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China’s Economy: Retail to the Rescue? – 7 March 2016

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The Future of Renewable Energy in the UAE

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Energy Bill: Lords third reading

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Oil markets and the climate debate

Christof Rühl, Global Head of Research at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and member of Crystol Energy’s Advisory Board, comments on OPEC’s […] Read More

Can Climate Change Policies and Hydrocarbons Live Together in the Middle East and North Africa? – Watch the Webcast

17 September 2015, Beirut At this year’s G7 summit, world leaders signaled the end of the fossil fuel era that […] Read More