Special issue: Facing the Covid-19 challenge

Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to economies, industries and individuals around the world. AccessWIE is pursuing a new initiative to showcase the experience of its members across the energy industry worldwide, in dealing with the crisis. Despite the common challenge, the stories highlight different perspectives, circumstances and outlook. We hope you enjoy this colourful tour du monde of experiences.


Ieda Gomes, Independent Director 

Isle of Man

“I am taking this opportunity to attend webinars and online courses, which allow me to enhance my knowledge on business, politics and science. Technology is changing the way events are organised. In my free time I am also discovering the amazing nature and history of the Isle of Man and putting my green finger into action, growing flowers and vegetables in a very small space. My cats are also enjoying all the attention.”

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Lord Howell of Guildford, Chairman


“It has definitely changed work patterns, behaviour patterns, think patterns, demanding life resets and work resets all round. There is a slight sense of madness in the air and in public affairs and discussion. Politics and systems of governance definitely changing, as is the philosophy behind our past arrangements. ‘Democracy’ has to be redefined. But maybe this was all coming anyway, with on-going digital revolution, and Covid has just accelerated it.”

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