Special issue
Barbara Andoh
Policy Advisor, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, GIZ

Accra, Ghana

The strike and progression of the COVID 19 pandemic hit me with many mixed feelings. I moved from the state of dismay to denial to acceptance, adjusting and having a positive outlook.

I recently started my role as Policy Advisor on a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project. This project targets the reduction of public sector energy consumption with the view to reduce the growing energy sector debt in Ghana.  I was really looking forward to getting my feet wet with field work and actual project implementation to see the transformation of public sector use of energy, so it was a bummer when COVID 19 kept us indoors.  

I have had to be intentional about seeing the good in the situation and making the most out of it. I have read a lot about renewable energy and energy efficiency and delved deeper into understanding power sector economics. I also picked up on other areas of interest particularly project management. 

I was excited to be involved in a COVID 19 energy efficiency awareness campaign: a drive that sensitized citizens on better ways of using of energy while at home. The campaign was broadcast nationwide via TV and radio as well as on social media. I am happy to have contributed to managing energy usage in the country during the pandemic.

It’s also been exciting adjusting to the flexibility of working from home and meeting virtually to get work done. I am grateful to be working with a team that regularly keeps in touch to stay abreast with the times and to keep work going. I got the opportunity to get more adept at one of my hobbies; hair accessory making and I got many brides beautified for their big day!