Valentina Dedi

Lead Economist, KBR

Valentina acts as Deputy Director of AccessWIE. She is a Lead Economist at KBR, serving within the company’s Global Downstream Consulting, which focuses on the areas of oil refining, petrochemicals, natural gas, LNG and renewables. She is also involved with academic institutions, teaching at the University of Surrey, UK.

Prior to KBR, Valentina worked as an Economist at Crystol Energy, where she was involved in the company’s various services and offerings, including providing research support for projects in the global energy industry, as well as organising and delivering training courses to government officials and private sector. She also served within the economics team of KBC Process Technology, where she held various positions focusing on oil market consulting.

Valentina acts as Head of Global Operations of the “Greek Energy Forum”, an international energy think tank, leading projects to catalyse the oil and gas industry’s growth in the East Mediterranean region.

Valentina holds a PhD in Economics and an MSc in Energy Economics from the University of Surrey, UK.