Gido van Graas

Head of Natural Resources & Energy, First Abu Dhabi Bank

Gido van Graas joined First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) in March 2023 as Global Head of Natural Resources & Energy (ENR) and is member of the executive committee of FABs Investment Bank.

He is responsible for all the business the bank undertakes with clients active in the Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable, Metals & Mining and commodity trading industry. 

Prior to joining FAB, Gido was globally responsible for ING’s energy project advisory business and the new energy technology sector, after he had established the Energy business for ING in Australia and New Zealand.

He started his career as a structured finance professional in the Oil & Gas sector covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He graduated from the Free University of Amsterdam and the Gothenburg School of Economics with a master degree in Finance and Economics.