Mr Daragh Coleman

Energy Transition Expert, Imperial College

Daragh Coleman is an International Project Director, and was the Managing Director of Coleman Bennett International PLC (CBI) between 1990 and 2019.

During those years and under Daragh’s leadership, CBI Plc undertook 400+ major UK and international projects for banks, law firms, governments and universities.

Since semi-retiring in 2019, he has been working with professors from Imperial College London, to initially understand the global causes, effects and remediations of and for climate change. He has since become an Expert on Net Zero, and in particular, the UK government’s policies and strategies to achieve it.

Whilst Daragh is a strong advocate for the UK and the rest of the world targeting and eventually achieving Net Zero, he campaigns with Members of the House of Lords to encourage the UK government to invest up to 1% of GDP in kick-starting the Green Transition ‘Gold Rush’.

This would be the UK’s greatest economic growth opportunity for the last 70 years, but the UK government’s over reliance on the private finance sector, means that the UK has fallen behind and is now not a world leader in new technology projects as it could and should be.

As an example, his current research papers produced jointly with professors from Imperial College London suggest that the UK government has enormously underestimated the scale of ‘electrifying’ 20 million+ homes and 30 million+ vehicles when gas, petrol or diesel are no longer available to the UK population by 2050.

In addition, Daragh’s team have calculated that the UK national grid will need to be 500% (5 fold) bigger than it is today, which the UK government is not planning for.