Special issue

‘Dancing in the Rain’

Marinela Dedi

Data Management Analyst, Lloyds Banking Group

London, United Kingdom

‘You are on mute’, ‘Can you see my screen?’, ‘Sorry, I was having connection issues’’; these have been just few of the most popular quotes in the business world of 2020.

It has been about a year since the pandemic started, when we were forced into the world’s largest and fastest work-from-home and stay-at-home experiment and it hasn’t been easy for anyone.

Loneliness has been one of the biggest struggles most people have had to deal with, as well as the challenge to stay connected with other people. On this part, I was lucky enough to be in a team that has been checking on us since day one by having regular chats about anything else than business and organising virtual drink gatherings in order to keep up the good spirit during these times.

On the one hand, I do agree with many people talking about the time – or even money -that has been saved from the daily commuting, but, on the other hand, I have missed the real human interaction from the hallway conversations, lunch with colleagues and drinks after work. Nothing can replace a meeting room with a whiteboard, couple of markers, snacks in the middle of the table and people talking about strategy or solving complex problems. In addition, let’s think of all those people (including myself) that could not afford a study/office room but instead they have had to squeeze a small desk next to their bed or place their monitor and laptop on the dining table. I do believe that each place has its own energy so when the bedroom or living room becomes the ‘office’ room, the mix up in the energy of the space can make the individual less efficient and focused than used to be when working from an office, even if the person is now working longer hours and joining more meetings. 

Likewise, social life has disappeared, while the geographical distance from family and friends has been felt even longer as people have been unable to travel.

However, as ‘life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain’, I decided to look at the good aspect of it – even the tiniest that can exist. I was glad enough to discover and put meditation and yoga in my life as it can help you control the reactions of both mind and body, and especially during these times. I also found time for trainings in order to upskill myself, read books for personal growth and of course experiment more on my cooking skills, including baking as I am fan of anything that has to do with chocolate‼

In closing, this period has not been an easy one and, unfortunately, we are yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, I both hope and wish that, ultimately, we are able to go back to where we were…being free (whatever that can imply)!