Special issue


Ieda Gomes

Independent Director, Prumo Logistica

Isle of Man, United Kingdom

I am an Independent Director with international companies operating in the energy, construction and infrastructure sectors. I am also a director of a few non-profit organizations and a Visiting Fellow of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Due to my multiple activities, I used to have a very busy travel schedule, which has come to a halt in mid-March due to restrictions to international travel. So I am staying longer at home.

In the wake of the pandemic, which impacted heavily the world economy and the consumption of goods and services, companies needed to react quickly to preserve liquidity and to look after the health and safety of the employees. Working from home became the new normal, allowed by the development of multiple platforms, connecting teams within regions and internationally.

Whilst connecting to other female professionals, the possibility of working longer from home was very welcome, particularly for those with small children and heavy commuting. Some of them suggested that their companies change the way people work, allowing for more home working and more flexible hours.

Technology is also changing the way events are organized. So I was able to moderate and speak at numerous events in the United Kingdom, Brazil and Colombia with excellent results.

I am taking this opportunity to attend webinars and online courses, which allow me to enhance my knowledge on business, politics and science. In my free time I am also discovering the amazing nature and history of the Isle of Man and putting my green finger into action, growing flowers and vegetables in a very small space. My cats are also enjoying all the attention.