Graduation Day at the Uganda Revenue Authority

Crystol Energy, in collaboration with the International Tax and Investment Centre, successfully completed an eight day intensive professional development course in Upstream Petroleum Taxation in Uganda, from 1 to 9 December. The course was facilitated by Dr Carole Nakhle and Mr Reggie Mezu.

Twenty six staff members, representing all departments in the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) completed the course in upstream petroleum fiscal regimes and related tax matters (domestic and international), as they apply both in Uganda and elsewhere. The course is part of the Ugandan Government’s strategy to develop capacity to manage its emerging oil and gas sector. Capacity building in oil and gas is managed by the Integrated Tax Systems Enhancement project (ITSEP) staff and funded by the Department for International Development (DFID UK).

The graduation ceremony took place on 10 December at the URA training school. The function was graced by the graduates, Ms Gloria Mugambe from DFID UK, Mr Kiganda William, Assistant Commissioner Process Management, Mr Protazio Begumisa, the Commissioner Internal Audit and Compliance and Dr Nakhle.

Uganda made its first commercial oil discovery in 2006. Since then, the country has been working on developing new legislation and contracts. The first production licence was issued in 2013.

The Graduates, Trainer and Officials in a Group Photo


(From left to right) Dr Carole Nakhle, Ms Gloria Mugambe, Mr Protazio Begumisa and Mr Kiganda William


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