Yearly Archives: 2015

British General Election: The Game of Votes

The final campaign has started for the next UK General Election on May 7th. Who will win? Nobody knows and any […] Read More

Oil Prices and Investment Opportunities in Lebanon’s Energy Sector: Interview with Dr Carole Nakhle

Dr Carole Nakhle, Director, Crystol Energy, talks to IEI about the impact of a nuclear deal with Iran on the oil prices, the investment […] Read More

Algeria’s Shale Gas Experiment

Algeria took the lead on shale gas exploration in the Arab world, hoping that the successful exploitation of its substantial […] Read More

Global Energy Developments: Certain Uncertainties

Few would question that once again the global energy developments scene is in upheaval, with radical change pounding at the […] Read More

India energy: The world’s wildest card

India, the world’s largest democracy, is increasingly asserting its influence on global energy and climate change discussions. With an expanding […] Read More

Lebanon’s Oil & Gas Fiscal Regime Options: Focusing on the Overall Picture

Doubts have been raised and criticisms continue to be made concerning Lebanon’s choice of upstream petroleum fiscal terms and strategies […] Read More

Uganda oil sector: A mixed picture

Uganda will soon be joining the league of new oil producers. The country has, over the past nine years, made […] Read More