Monthly Archives: April 2016

Record High Crude Oil Inventories Weighing on Prices

Dr Carole Nakhle, Director, Crystol Energy, comments on the impact of record high oil inventories in an interview given to Mr John […] Read More

Doha meeting fails to reach an agreement

In an article published by The Economist “Drill Will” on 23 April 2016, Dr Carole Nakhle, Director, Crystol Energy, comments […] Read More

Iraqi oil dilemma: to freeze or not to freeze

In recent years, the international community has focused on the North American shale industry and its impact on the Organization […] Read More

China and the Middle East – Is the Balance Shifting?

Onlookers might have been surprised a few weeks ago to see the Ambassadors of China and Turkmenistan standing side by […] Read More

Assessing the future of North Sea oil and gas

The North Sea is a mature oil and gas province. Output from the two main producers – Norway and the […] Read More