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Is 2017 a Defining Year for Oil & Gas?

The Oil and Gas Council, in collaboration with Guanxi Energy and the Energy Council have compiled an exclusive thought leadership […] Read More

Saudis Seen Losing Market Share to Iran, Iraq on Oil Cuts

Christof Rühl argues that oil producing countries will not be able to eliminate the excess of stored oil unless they extend their output […] Read More

The Future of Nuclear Energy in the Middle East and North Africa

Several countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have announced plans to embrace nuclear power as part of […] Read More

Dossier: The impact of oil and gas

GIS’s new “Dossier” series aims to give readers a quick overview of the analysis of key topics, regions or conflicts. […] Read More

Return of Cheap Energy?

The latest drop in the oil price is further evidence, if it was needed, that the world is awash with […] Read More