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Peter van Leeuwen joins Crystol Energy’s Advisory Board

Crystol Energy is pleased to announce that Peter van Leeuwen has joined Crystol’s Advisory Board. A former Dutch diplomat, Peter brings […] Read More

The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Fuel-Efficiency Gains

Christof Rühl, Head of Global Research, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, comments on the impact of crude oil prices on fuel economy improvements. […] Read More

Shale oil’s reaction to a price increase

Christof Rühl, Head of Global Research, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, comments on shale oil’s reaction to a potential recovery in prices […] Read More

Record High Crude Oil Inventories Weighing on Prices

Dr Carole Nakhle, Director, Crystol Energy, comments on the impact of record high oil inventories in an interview given to Mr John […] Read More