Our Advisory Board Meets in London

Crystol Energy’s Advisory Board met in London at the prestigious Atheneum Club, on May 26th, 2022.

At time of unprecedented uncertainty in global energy markets, the Board looked into the deep underlying issues which are shaping world energy events. The background is one of extreme international instability, driven by populism, nationalism and shifting world power on a scale hitherto unparalleled and manifesting itself in the war in Ukraine and rising concern about energy security along climate security.

Crystol Energy’s Advisory Board (from left to right) - Christof Rühl, Lord Howell, Ieda Gomes, Peter van Leeuwen, Jim Robertson, Dr Carole Nakhle (CEO), Dan Witt, Anton Mifsud-Bonnici and Muriel Dube

The Advisory team, which draws on deep sources of experience and expertise in world energy, economics, governance, politics and diplomacy, assessed the prospects both for a short-term stabilisation of commodity prices and supplies of energy and the longer-term imperative of achieving a balanced energy transition which growing climate dangers necessitate.

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