Women in Energy Summit & Awards 2023

Access for Women in Energy is a proud supporter of the Women in Energy Summit & Awards 2023 that is taking place on 13th July in Beirut, Lebanon.

The summit seeks to unite women working in the energy sector across the MENA region to promote women’s participation in the industry, enhance gender capacity, and address the challenges that women face in this male-dominated field. The opportunity to develop sustainable capacity for renewable energies, hydrogen, hydropower, geothermal energy, and bioenergy, as well as to discover major oil and natural gas reserves, creates a space for women to be enterprising in the energy business and contribute to sustainable energy development.

The conference’s goal is to promote women’s involvement in energy capital projects and to overcome gender challenges that prevent women from entering the field. By creating a platform that supports women entrepreneurs in the energy business, environmentalists, women in management, and key decision-making positions, and addressing important concerns for women engineers in the energy sector, the summit aims to significantly push women’s ambitions in the energy sector and foster gender equality. This convention is an essential platform to support transformation and push the energy sector toward gender parity.

Through this platform, women in energy will have the opportunity to influence government policies to address sector inequalities, build a growing network of women in the industry, and offer support to one another in entrepreneurship, management promotions, decision-making, and obtaining funding for women entrepreneurs for energy capital project development and implementation.

The event culminates with the “Women in Energy Awards 2023,” a program that celebrates women’s significant contributions to the energy transition in the MENA region.

For more information on the summit, visit the link.

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