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Crystol Energy is proud to announce its collaboration with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

The energy transition and the transformation of our global and complex energy system require an inter-disciplinary approach that brings together a wide range of stakeholders from different sectors. Energy policy, for instance, is the product of the interaction of economic, social, political and technological factors.

By hosting broadcasts for SPE Virtual Programs projects, including the award winning SPE Tech Talks, Crystol Energy’s team attempts to bridge between economics and finance and technical expertise. Each broadcast focuses on one key technology that is shaping the way the oil and gas industry carries out its activities both more efficiently and more sustainably, thereby allowing the industry to play a more constructive role as the energy transition accelerates.

Crystol Energy partners with the Society of Petroleum Engineers on delivering regular broadcasts which aim to bridge between economics and finance and technical expertise
Below is a selection of the broadcasts we have hosted:

Intelligent Surface Operations towards Net-Zero with Schlumberger | 11 Aug 2022

The Challenges of Hydrogen for Valves with Schlumberger | 26 Jul 2022

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