The complication of the Lebanese petroleum fiscal regime does not favour transparency

Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, discusses some of the key aspects related to the Lebanese fiscal regime that applies to upstream oil and gas activities in an interview given to Sibylle Rizk from Le Commerce du Levant.

Lebanese flag floating
Picture Credit: Flickr/Eusebius@Commons

She highlights that one of the weaknesses in existing debates is that the discussion tends to focus on one specific aspect of the regime instead of adopting a more buy accutane europe holistic approach. She also expresses her concerns about the choice of biddable parameters which include two important fiscal terms and which risk making the regime more complex and less transparent especially if future signed oil and gas contracts are not published. Dr Nakhle also discusses the creation of a national oil company and the issue of local content.

Read the full article (in French)

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