Exploring Africa’s Energy Future: Insights from Paris

Paris recently played host to two significant events shedding light on Africa’s energy landscape and the pivotal role it plays in the global transition towards sustainable energy systems.

Strategic Investments: Creating Opportunities in Africa's Energy Systems

Organized by Energy Capital & Power, the event delved into the best strategies to fast-track Africa’s energy development. With a focus on investment and innovation, industry leaders converged to discuss how to propel Africa towards a brighter energy future. As our CEO, Dr. Carole Nakhle, aptly stated, “We are living through an energy transition period. It’s not only the cost of production that matters – it’s also your carbon intensity.”

Dr. Nakhle explains how Africa can fast-track the development of its energy system in this panel by Invest in African Energy

Key takeaways from Dr. Nahkle’s contribution:

– Africa is resource rich yet its economic and social developments do not reflect that wealth. The problems are above ground.

– The energy transition creates opportunities but also challenges in the continent. For oil & gas producers, the cost of production is not enough to safeguard market share in a shrinking market but also their carbon intensity.

– A well designed carbon tax should be seriously contemplated.

– Finance will come if the basic conditions that underline any investment proposition are met.

Roundtable Discussion: Beyond geopolitical competition: cooperating to enable Africa’s energy access and green industries

Facilitated by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), in collaboration with Invest in African Energy and the African Energy Chamber, this roundtable discussion underscored the imperative of cooperation to develop Africa’s energy sector. Our CEO, Dr. Carole Nakhle, and Dr Theo Acheampong our Lead Africa Analyst and Visiting Fellow at ECFR,  took the helm as moderators, guiding discussions on overcoming challenges and maximizing opportunities in Africa’s energy landscape.

The panels delved into the multifaceted nature of Africa’s energy sector development, emphasizing the need for collaboration between international and African partners. Despite challenges such as inadequate infrastructure and limited finance, the consensus was clear: through strategic collaboration, pooling resources, and fostering expertise, we can address Africa’s energy demands while maximizing the impact of investments in the continent’s energy sectors.

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