Shattering the Sustainability Glass Floor

Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and Director of Access for Women in Energy, discussed sustainable business operations and diversity in the premier edition of SPE Lagos Section 61 GAIA Sustainability Program titled “Shattering the Sustainability Glass Floor”. 

Dr Nakhle discussed the fading appeal of the oil and gas industry to the young generation, partly because of climate change concerns. However, she equally blamed the industry’s cyclical ‘hiring and firing’ employment tradition which creates an unreliable career path for graduates. 

She also cautioned against the increasingly polarised debate on climate change calling for a more realistic and balanced approach that recognises that the energy transition, at least for now, is about integration rather than substitution between fossil fuels. 

The SPE Gaia Sustainability event, which took place virtually on 27 May 2021, aimed to enable all individuals in the oil and gas industry to act in the service of sustainable socio-economic development through their professional societies – empowering those at all levels within organisations to create actions to address the planet’s sustainability challenges.

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