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‘Oil giant looks to new revenue sources’

Under existing market conditions, National Oil Companies (NOCs) are reconsidering their traditional model. Although Saudi Aramco’s IPO has recently occupied […] Read More

The long road ahead for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the world’s latest craze. The internet has been inundated with news and information about them: a […] Read More

Powering the Planet – Why the World Needs Anthropologists

Access for Women in Energy (AccessWIE) participated at the Fifth Edition of the annual symposium “Why the World Needs Anthropologists” […] Read More

GIS Dossier: Nuclear energy

Geopolitical Intelligence Services (GIS) “Dossiers” aim to give readers a quick overview of key topics, regions or conflicts. This survey focuses […] Read More

Prince of Petroleum

Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, discusses how the recent political developments in Saudi Arabia, in particular the appointment […] Read More

Chinese Doubts on Hinkley Point C. Is Plan B Coming?

In a speech given on the electricity market, entitled ‘The Price of Power: Reforming the Electricity Market‘, in the House […] Read More

The UAE balances oil riches with green energy drive

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands out among its peers in the developing world and especially the Middle East. This […] Read More

Caspian oil and gas in a world of plenty

Back in the 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Caspian Sea was described as the next Alaska […] Read More

Energy and Geopolitics in CIS: Event Summary

On Thursday 15 June 2017, as part of its energy talk series, Access for Women in Energy (AccessWIE) organised a […] Read More

Do Oil and Gas Have a Future in the Arctic?

The Arctic’s potential for hydrocarbon extraction is huge. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that approximately 13 per cent of the […] Read More