COP28 UAE Energy Transition Changemakers

Crystol Energy is proud to announce the participation of Dr Carole Nakhle in the Hydrogen Expert Committee for COP28 Energy Transition Changemakers. Energy Transition Changemakers is a COP28 UAE Presidency initiative which aims to foster private sector collaboration in delivering innovative and scalable decarbonization projects globally and demonstrate solutions to help enable and accelerate the energy transition.

Energy Transition Changemakers - Hydrogen Committee

The COP28 Presidency is looking for projects from all over the world that are in development or operation that have overcome challenges through game-changing innovative solutions or approaches that have the potential to be replicated and scaled elsewhere, accelerating the just energy transition benefiting society as a whole.

Companies and organizations of all sizes from all over the world are invited to apply and projects of all types within the four eligible sectors will be considered:

  • Renewables, Renewable Integration & Clean Power
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Low Carbon Hydrogen
  • Heavy Emitting Sectors – Steel, Cement, and Aluminum

For more information, visit Energy Transition Changemakers – COP28 UAE

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