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IEA's World Energy Outlook 2015

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Electricity Sector Developments in Ghana

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Natural Gas in Canada: what are the options going forward?

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Privatisation and the UK Energy Industries

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Can Climate Change Policies and Hydrocarbons Live Together in the Middle East and North Africa? – Watch the Webcast

17 September 2015, Beirut At this year’s G7 summit, world leaders signaled the end of the fossil fuel era that […] Read More

Privatisation and the UK Energy Industries

Lord David Howell, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Crystol Energy, will open the debate on the “Case for private ownership […] Read More

Global Energy Developments: Certain Uncertainties

Few would question that once again the global energy developments scene is in upheaval, with radical change pounding at the […] Read More

India energy: The world’s wildest card

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Can Oil and Gas Markets Adjust to a Rising Persia?

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Tunisia Treads Cautiously over Energy Reform in Post-Revolution Recovery

TUNISIA initiated the Arab Spring wave which toppled decades of dictatorship in several countries. Its success in charting a course […] Read More